Tolcylen™ Solution

Tolcylen™ Solution is an important adjunct to the laser treatment of toenail fungus.

Tolcylen™ Antifungal / Nail Renewal Solution is the first and only antifungal, cosmetic, and nail renewal treatment, all in one product.  It is available without a prescription and dispensed exclusively through physicians.

Tolcylen™ Solution is the only OTC product utilizing an alcohol excipient formulation similar to topical prescription products which have been scientifically proven and FDA approved to penetrate and carry anti-fungal agents through the nail plate.

By combining antifungal, cosmetic and low molecular weight agents, Tolcylen™ Solution is the only product of any kind to simultaneously treat fungal infections and nail appearance in one formulation.

The active ant-fungal ingredients found in Tolcylen™ Solution:

  1.  Emulsified tolnaftate in a solution form, providing both curative and preventive treatment to infection sites of the skin, including the cuticle, hyponychial and nail fold areas.
  2. Undecylenic acid is an anti-fungal agent proven to kill fungal infections.  Our proprietary formulation utilizes undecylenic acid as a cleansing and emulsifying excipient able to lower the surface tension of the other agents it is emulsified with in solution.

SAFE!  There is no measurable systemic absorption or toxicity from this product.

The cosmetic ingredients found in Tolcylen™ (including urea, lactic acid and propylene glycol) have been clinically shown to improve nail appearance of fungal and non-fungal nails beginning as early as 10 days.  Several placebo controlled studies show 92% of patients with onychomycosis see marked improvement in nail appearance within 8 weeks and 77% at 2 weeks respectively, when treated with a formulation containing these cosmetic agents.  A separate study of 485 onychomycosis patients showed treatment using the same cosmetic ingredients for a 24 week period, resulted in a 27% mycological and clinical cure rate even though no anti-fungal agent was present. This anti-fungal activity from cosmetic agents is thought to be achieved by penetrating the nail plate with low weight; low surface tension agents that dynamically change the pH range fungi need to survive.  The FDA approved prescription topical anti-fungal drugs’ mycological and clinical combined cure rates range from 5% to 16% at 48 to 52 weeks due primarily to very low clinical improvement rates.

Tolcylen™ Solution is only available through licensed medical practitioners, it is not available on the internet or at pharmacies.

As the infected tissues are treated with Tolcylen™ Solution, their optical properties change in such a way that the uptake of laser energy is enhanced, increasing the efficacy of the laser treatment.

Combined with the SteriShoe+ Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer, Tolcylen Solution is an important part of the laser treatment regimen.