Clear Nails Pro

Clear Nails Pro is an important adjunct to the laser treatment of toenail fungus.

It is the only topical product with 3 active ingredients giving it a unique broad spectrum of activity.
It is difficult for a topical anti-fungal to have any significant effect on toenail fungus. Either it can’t penetrate the nail plate &/or it has a relatively ineffective active ingredient.

Clear Nails Pro  (previously known as FFNctf), has 3  active ingredients. Ciclopirox (6%), Terbinafine (6%), and Fluconazole (2%). These 3 medications cover a broad spectrum of fungi, molds and yeasts that can infect the nails. It also includes a proprietary base that is fat soluble and penetrats the nail and nail bed where the fungus lives.

SAFE!  There is no measurable systemic absorption or toxicity from this product.

Because this unique preparation utilizes a proprietary base that is fat soluble it is vastly superior to other  topical nail preparations at moving the active ingredient through the nail.  Water soluble preparations simply cannot do this, so little to no active ingredient permeates the nail and none of it reaches the nail bed.

Clear Nails Pro is registered with the FDA & Health Canada, is approved for use on nails and is not available on the internet or at pharmacies. It is only available through licensed medical practitioners.

As the infected tissues are treated with Clear Nails Pro, their optical properties change in such a way that the uptake of laser energy is enhanced, increasing the efficacy of the laser treatment.

Combined with the SteriShoe+ Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer, Clear Nails Pro is an important part of the laser treatment regimen.

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